BGMI APK Download (2.7.0 Updated Version)


BGMI is short form of Battlegrounds Mobile India. BGMI APK is an interesting game just like the PUBG mobile game. BGMI is the shortest form of Battle Ground Mobile India. It’s the Indian version of PUBG mobile India game. It has many new features. Because it’s the APK version of BGMI You can easily download it from here. As you will not find it in the Play store. Just click on the BGMI APK download button. It’s free.

About this App

In BGMI Players are dropped upon an island without any equipment or weapons. They must compete against other players to be the last one standing while searching for weapons and supplies. The game has several play modes, including group, partner, and solo games. Due to its fascinating gameplay and competitive atmosphere, the game has gained popularity in India. Battle grounds mobile India is the latest updated version of PUBG mobile game. PUBG mobile game is the original mobile Battle Royale game. It is one of the best mobile shooting games with multiple features in it. It can be played solely or in groups with your friends.

File Size550MB
Last UpdatedMarch 2023


Following are the features of BGMI APK

  • Multiplayer Gaming
  • Customization Options
  • In-game currency
  • Online Conversation
  • In-game store
  • Regular Updates
  • Bicycle Ride
  • Explosive Bow
  • Galata Tower Lift
  • Team Effect and Profile Card
  • Add Friend
  • Unlimited UC
  • Faster Upgrade
  • Unlimited Health
  • No recoil
  • Free to download
  • Exclusive rewards
  • Multiple game modes
  • Social Features
  • Free from any malicious software
  • Variety of Weapons and Vehicles
  • Responsive Maps
  • Gaming Challenges and Events
  • Multiple game modes
  • Players Around the World
  • Spawn Island
  • Honey Badge
  • Momos Booster
  • Real Life Bike Effect
  • Martial Arts Arena
  • Dancing Lion
  • Infinitive Energy
  • Unlocked all characters
  • Auto Headshot
  • Super smooth
  • Solo player
  • Instant get chicken dinner
  • Large map
  • Exclusive game events
  • Does not contain any harmful content

Multiplayer Gaming

In this game, players can team up with their friends or join a random group to compete against the other team.

Variety of Weapons and Vehicles

Players can choose a variety of different weapons like shot gun, rifles, machine gun as well as vehicles like bikes, cars, jeeps, tanks.

Customization Option

Players can easily customize their character look by choosing skin color, outfit of their own choice. Moreover they can select the weapons and equipment as per their need with attached scoopers and silencers.

Responsive maps

There are many maps in the game including cities, deserts and forests. These maps change constantly throughout the game, with things like buildings getting destroyed and cover getting blown away.

Gaming Challenges And Events

This game introduces new events and challenges on a regular basis to increase the interest of the players and also reward them.

In game currency

In this game players also get in-game currency when they complete the match and win the challenge, and they use this currency to purchase the items and upgrades.

Multiple game modes

There are also multiple game modes like team deathmatch, capture the flag and domination.

In-game store

This game also has a store offering different things to buy like skin, outfit, weapons, vehicles by using real money or  earned in-game currency.

Online Conversation

Players can also communicate with their partner or teammates using voice chat system in the game for further plan and coordination.

Players Around the Country

Players can also check on the leaderboard who are the top players in the country and they can also compete against other players.

Regular Updates

The developers of this game introduces the new features and updates including new maps, locations, characters, weapons and maps. This will boost the interest of players to experience new things.

Pros And Cons Of BGMI APK


  • Convenience
  • Compatibility
  • Cross platform play
  • Competitive play
  • Regular updates


  • One should be familiar before playing
  • Strong Internet Connection require
  • Possibility of Addiction
  • In-app purchases
  • Technical Problems

BGMI APK is short form of Battle Ground Mobile India. It is latest version of PUBG mobile india specifically made for Indian players.

Yes, You can download BGMI APK completely free from

Just follow these steps to get BGMI for iOS:

  1. Go to the Play Store.
  2. Search for BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  3. Download and install the BGMI game in your device.
  4. Next login with your Apple ID, and select the graphics settings pack.
  5. Now you can start playing the game.

If the game doesn’t load up, wait for a few minutes.

Yes, It’s completely safe to download bgmiapk in your device because this file has been scanned with different antivirus APK files scanners.